Easy Ways Seniors Can Earn Extra Money at Home

Easy Ways Seniors Can Earn Extra Money at HomeYou’re started your retirement and maybe you’re just barely making ends meet. Don’t worry – you don’t need to resign yourself to working part time as a department store greeter, or working in the fast food business. If you would just like to make a little more money, you can do it all on your own time and even enjoy it. After all, you still want to be able to enjoy your golden years, take it easy and have plenty of time for your hobbies and loved ones. Here are some of your options.

Grow a garden and sell part of the harvest: If you love gardening, why not expand your garden and sell some of your homegrown goods? You can also turn this into a family affair and get your kids or grandchildren in on it to help you with some of the labor. Selling flower starters is also an option, if you’re more into growing non-edible plants. Your neighbors can trust that you don’t use harmful chemicals (unlike many things bought from the grocery store) or genetically modify anything you grow.

Open your own home “boutique”: Are you a collector of fashion, home décor or anything interesting, vintage or antique? There is a serious market for these things and you can sell them out of your own home without even leaving the house, if you choose. You can collect things you’ve bought from thrift stores or novelty shops, or go through your attic to see what you can part with, or things that people will want. Sell your findings on sites like Ebay or Etsy (handmade and vintage goods) or set up a booth at your local flea market. Come up with a catchy name for your little “boutique”.

Do commissions for arts or crafts: Tell everyone you know about your knitting skills, or how you sew beautiful and stylish clothing for yourself and your family. Offer to make things for people, spread the word and have business cards made. You’ll soon find that you’re so swamped with commissions that you will need to tell your future customers to wait until further notice until you’re caught up! Network by word or mouth or through online social networks like Facebook.

Invest and save with higher interest. One of the best things you can do with a chunk of your investments is to put it in an online savings account. Online banks usually offer a much higher interest rate than a bank you would walk into in your town. Keep an eye on your stocks and close the ones that aren’t doing so well, so you can focus on the well-performing ones.

Become a tutor or coach: Offer your knowledge on math, English or history to young people who might be struggling with these subjects in school. If you weren’t previously a teacher, check with the National Tutoring Association for certification details.

Do in-home or direct selling for a company you like: These are companies like Avon, and there are many more like this than you think. You can sell candles, jewelry, home décor, fancy teas and coffee, books, baby products and much more. Be sure to do plenty of research on each company – the percent you will make per sale, how often you need to place an order, and the minimum amount of money you will need to put into the business.

Turn your home into a mini daycare: If you love small children and have the energy to care for them, you can become a part-time babysitter. Offer your services on the weekends for parents who would like to go out, or a few times a week or mid-day, since preschoolers often only go a few times a week or half days. If you are doing this, you should get a CPR and first-aide certification.

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